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Ma numesc Gheorghe Dan-Alexandru. As vrea sa va rog sa ma ajutati in legatura cu o problema intampinata la un service Samsung din Romania.
Am achizitionat un telefon Samsung Galaxy S in noiembrie 2010. Acum cateva zile ecranul a inceput sa arate lipsa adancimii in culoare si alte probleme similare. Dupa ce m-am documentat pe internet, am aflat ca este o problema hardware a unei linii de produse ce a fost eliberate de Samsung pe piata cu defecte din fabrica. Deci mai devreme sau mai tarziu ar fi aparut la oricine daca ar fi primit un telefon din acea linie de produse. Eu sunt Inginer cu masterat in calculatoare. Nu am putut sa nu incerc tot ce se poate din punct de vedere software pana sa ajung in service. Am incercat sa pun sistemul de opeperare initial, am incercat alte sisteme de operare si nimic, tot ce citisem pe internet era adevarat, intr-adevar era clar problema hardware de care vorbeam. L-am dus in service si dupa o zi mi-au zis ca nu mai este telefonul in garantie ca am folosit alt software decat cel original Samsung, si ca asa scrie in contractul de garantie. Eu inteleg ca regulile sunt reguli. Dar, in primul rand, acesta este un aspect important ce ar trebui scris mai mare decat este scris actualmente in carticica aceea mica pe care dealer-ul vodafone sau vanzatorul din magazinul de unde vrei sa il achizitionezi te pune sa semnezi repede pe coperta. In al doilea rand, as fi inteles sa se aplice daca ar fi fost o problema cauzata de software, si nu provenita din fabricatie, acest produs fiind eliberat pe piata cu probleme.
Tin sa precizec, ca telefonul a fost tinut in puf, deoarece am mare grija de lucrurile mele, nu a fost scapat niciodata si nici nu a suferit vreodata un soc mecanic. 
Pe langa acest aspect, tin sa precizez ca sunt sigur de faptul ca aceasta problema nu  a fost cauzata de nici un software neoriginal samsung, deoarece nu sunt un simplu utilizator de telefon, si am stiut ce sa folosesc si ce sa nu folosesc.
Mai multe informatii gasiti aici (inclusiv exemple cu aceeasi problema intalnita la alti posesori al aceluiasi telefon ):
Tot ce cer este sa se tina cont ca este o eroare de fabricatie, nu de software, si ca samsung sa isi asume responsabilitatea fata de acea eroare.
Va multumesc pentru timpul acordat,
Ing. Msc. Dan Gheorghe

Why not Samsung Galaxy S i9000 or any other Samsung phone

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I have bought a samsung galaxy s in november from a local vodafone dealer store in Bucharest.
A few days ago the screen lost color depth and the brightness suddenly went up.
I have done a little research and found out that it is from a batch of phones that have problems from fabrication and the front panel with the display must be
replaced in order to work at full capacity again.

Finally they(samsung) informed us that the display needs to be replaced. This means the front panel in totality will be replaced. I hope to get it back in a couple
of days. The way they were handling the phone i am worried if i will get it back in acceptable condition. It has been a really traumatic experience. They informed me
it was a manufacturing defect and there seems to be a batch which might have this issue.
Other examples :
So i am one of their \lucky\ customers.
I sent it to service and they told me that te warranty is no longer available because i did not have the original samsung  operating system . It is true i have updated the phone with a
rooted version of android 2.3.3 . The display broke down on the original version of Gingerbread for the northern Europe Countries.
I have a master degree in computer science and i kind of know that that DOES NOT have anything to do with the problem i have. I DID not know that if i put another operating system could void the warranty. You should WRITE that with big red font and tell that to every customer that buys your phones.
It is like i buy a laptop with windows 7 and i have a hardware problem , take it into service with a linux operating system and they say the warranty was voided.
I would have understood if i bricked my phone with my new operating system, but given the fact that the phone comes from a line with problems from the assembly line, they have some nerve to treat this situation the way the local romanian samsung center did with me.
They took advantage, and did NOT take responsability for that line of faulty products.

Beware, that i understand that rules are rules, and i would have understood if it were a software problem, or if the software would have been the cause of the display
problem,  but given the fact that this is a production problem, and they know it, or even worse, they did not even check with samsung central, they have treated
this isue with no respect for me and also for their own company.

I will tell you that i was very proud of my phone, and i recommended samsung to everybody, and even begone to be fan of some other type of products samsung products

( monitors, tvs, etc) and took in consideration to buy a lot of products from samsung. Now i can tell you i will NOT recommend it to anybody

(the first thing that will appear on on samsung galxy s search will be a page made by me telling people why they SHOULD NOT BUY samsung products, and

the way they deal with the problems their people did not resolve)